1513 BC

Entry into the Promised Land

1473 BC

40 years

480 years

Period of the Judges

356 years

Beginning of Saul’s reign

1117 BC

Beginning of David’s reign

1077 BC

40 years

Beginning of Solomon’s reign

1037 BC

40 years

Division of the Kingdom of Israel

997 BC

40 years

It was in the “four hundred and eightieth year after the sons of Israel came out from the land of Egypt,” in the fourth year of Solomon’s reign, that construction began on the temple at Jerusalem. (1Ki 6:1) “Four hundred and eightieth” is an ordinal number representing 479 full years plus some additional time, in this case one month. Counting 479 years from the Exodus (Nisan 1513 BC) brings us to 1034 BC, with the temple construction beginning in the second month, Ziv (corresponding to part of April and part of May). Since this was the fourth year (another ordinal number) of Solomon’s rule, his reign began three full years earlier in 1037 BC. His 40-year rule evidently ran from Nisan 1037 to Nisan 997 BC, with the division of the kingdom taking place in the latter year.[1]


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